jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

Plans in the future

  1. I'm going to graduate in 2012.
  2. I'm going to finish my french lessons in 2013.
  3. I will travel to different cities once i get my bachelor's degree.
  4. I will live in another country.
  5. I'm going to study an alternative carreer like medicine or engineering besides journalism.
  6. i will have a car next year.

Campus Map: My university

     URBE has plenty of recration areas! there are 3 soccer fields and baketball courst mixed. Next to them, there is a huge baseball court which is used for multiple purposes. It also have a TV and Radios station called URBE both. Into the buildings (A-G) are the classrooms as well as some laboratories such as Photography or Phycis Labs.
     We have a library and a square in the center of the whole structure.In the Main Hall is located the rector's office which is watched by bodyguards and officers all the time to block access of strangers.
     Finally there is a car park for students, professors and emplyers in front of the Bullring of the city.

University of Oxford vs URBE

  Despite not knowing whene the University of Oxford, informally named Oxford University, we do know it is one of the top 5 universities not only in the United Kingdom but the whole world.
  Today, we'll compare the admission procedure between Oxford U and URBE (acronym for Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacín) which is the university where i'm currently studying.
Oxford University Admissions: Back in the time, education in this higher sutides house was taken only by Bourgeoisie or high class families. Nowadays this tradition is totally eradicated, people from middle class population can have access to all sort of programs in this university but criteria is pretty demanding. If you desire to get a spot into one of Oxford university's colleges you may have excellent grades and academic scores. You need to send some school references as well as pass some examinatios and interviews with some of the tutors from each college.
To apply, students must got to the UCAS (Universities & Colleges application system) website in order to get a connection with the colleges desired.

   URBE Admission procedure: This unviersity is located in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Currently i'm taking the journalism undegraduate class. The admission criteria is not demanding at all, but it does not affect the quality of its graduates. To get a place in this university all you need to do is wait for the registration date and introduce you documents, as well as pay for the trimester, yes! the programs are devided in trimester so education is way faster than other universities and you get as much respect as if you had graduated form one of the top universities in Venezuela, not to mention that there is an international arrangement between my college and the United States which states that the educaion given by URBE is similar to the american higher education system.

By: Daniel Salazar

miércoles, 27 de octubre de 2010

My house, my neighbourhood

My neighbourhood is pretty calm.  There are plenty of greenry. We have a little park with some monkey bars, a see-saw and a playground slide for kids. The neighbourhood is pedestrian-friendly, the sidewalks are huge. Most of the houses are new but at the same time most of the houses are run-down.
Near my neighbourhood subway stations are scarce because there is not a subway in my town (under construction) but we do have a bus stop. 
Luckily, there is no litter nor garbage problems around my house. All the neighbours are clean and don't like the mess.

Photo: my house.
written by: Daniel Salazar.

What errands do you do often?

Particularly, i clean my room every sunday in order to get rid of all the mess around my space.

I take my parents to the market and help them unload the bags when we're back in the house. Then, i go to the bank and pay the enrollment for the trimester at URBE, there's always a line. 

I go to the dentist once a year so that my teeth keep healthy. Finally, i'm taking french lessons every evening. These are basically my errands.

Family in Venezuela

The common venezuelan family is formed by 3 or 4 people. Nowadays parents prefer not to have more than 2 children because of the bad economic situation that vnezuelan population is going through. 
 In addition, when a man a woman decide to settle down, they still prefer to get married  after living together for a while. That's the reason why cohabiting is not a common practice.
At the same time, there is a huge growth of teenage pregnancy, so young families are becoming commoner as time goes by, In spite of  the cotranceptive methods broadcast on tv and the whole media. Most of the families still prefer to tie the knot. Families with 1 car per house are on the top.   

written by: Daniel Salazar (s-531)